Bushmaster XM-15E2


Caliber: 5.56x45mm (.223 Rem)
Action: semi-automatic, rotating bolt, direct gas impingement driven
Barrel Length: 20"
Magazine: Any USGI M16 magazine (20 and 30 round most common)
Overall Length: 40.5"

The Bushmaster XM-15E2 is in reality little more than the Armalite AR-15. The name change was the result of the AR-15 being listed by name as an illegal weapon to newly manufacture for civilian purchase. Therefore, in order to make the gun safer, the name was changed. I know. That doesn't make any sense. Go complain to Clinton and the Brady Bunch. (Note: The Assault Weapons Ban to which I mentioned a few lines before has now expired. Most people didn't notice because there wasn't a flood of killings and dead kittens. Is anyone really surprised though?)

This particular rifle is actually a Bushmaster XM-15E2 A2 20" upper mated with a Rock River Arms TASC lower. The combination of the high-quality long, heavy barrel and the sweet RRA two stage trigger make for a very, very sweet shooting gun.