MAK-90 (AK-47)


Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Action: Semi-automatic, rotating bolt, long stroke piston, gas driven
Barrel Length: 16"
Magazine: 20 or 30 round detachable box (most common)
Overall Length: 35.5"

Manufactured by Norinco, a Chinese arms manufacturer, starting in 1990, the MAK-90 was a reaction to George H. W. Bush's 1989 Import Ban; what this did was make it illegal to import "non-sporting rifles", which was defined by being a military style rifle. Prior to 1989, the US imported countless un-neutered semi-automatic AK-47s from China -- however, the Import Ban suddenly made these illegal because of their pistol grip, bayonet lugs, muzzle brakes and their ability to accept high capacity magazines. The logical response was to change the pistol grip stock to a thumbhole style stock, remove the bayonet lug and muzzle brake, and ship them with 10 round magazines, which we all know are suited to sporting purposes because they can only contain 10 rounds.

The MAK-90 is a very high quality example of the AK-47, with a fit and finish that exceeds most commercially available AK variants. In comparison to my Romanian made WASR, the MAK-90 is like a Mercedes compared to a Ford Taurus. The only complaint I have against this gun is that the grip part of the stock is thick. Like, Planet of the Apes rifle thick. Someday I intend to change this stock out for a traditional AK style stock, but not right now.