M38 Mosin-Nagant


Caliber: 7.62x54r
Action: Rotating bolt-action
Barrel Length: 20.5"
Magazine: 5 round internal, stripper fed
Overall Length: 40"

The M38 was one of Russia's first carbine iteration of the 1891/30 rifle, and was produced from 1938 until 1945. The M38 was designed as a shorter rifle to be issued to soldiers without the space for a full length 91/30, such as tankers, truck drivers, etc. It fires the same 7.62x54r cartridge as the 91/30, which makes for a gun that is very fun to shoot, has a good kick, and is unnecessarily loud (which is a good thing). The gun was designed without a bayonet lug, and there was never any sort of bayonet designed for it. The M44 (made starting in 1944, obviously) had a permanently attached side folding spike bayonet.

I got this gun at a gun show, and it's in excellent condition. It's got strong rifling and no corrosion or rust anywhere on the gun. It was, I presume, rearsenalled in Russia at some point in time, as it's now got an M44 stock on it, which was identical to the M38 stock except for a cut-out in the right side for the folding bayonet. This is an Izhevsk rifle dated 1942, and the only thing wrong with it is the fact that the retarded monkeys at Century Arms not only put a giant import billboard on the side of the receiver, but put it on extremely crooked (almost a 15 to 20 degree angle!!!)