This is a collection of links that I have found during my time on the internet that I feel warrant being on listed, most are either a valuable source of information, a good vendor worth buying from or simply a site that I enjoyed.

Gun Forums - My home forum on the internet; dedicated to the HS-2000 and Springfield XD. - The definitive forum dedicated to the FN-FAL. - THE ultimate Black Rifle forum; ironically, it's also more or less the place for AK-47 info as well. - Despite all of the rabid Glockers, this site is still a wealth of very useful information. - The other AK site worth frequenting. - The other, other AK site on the net; part of the FalFiles network. - An excellent source of information on all SKS variants, but beware; most everyone there is VERY opinionated and they love to argue.

Gun Information Resources - A great site dedicated to military surplus rifles from all over the world, most of which are C&R eligible. They also have a great forum. - The best website out there for the exquisite Swiss breed rifles. They have a forum, which is useful for information on Swiss rifles, but little more.

2nd Amendment, Right to Keep/Bear Arms, and Gun Rights - The National Rifle Association, the most important tool we have in Washington right now to protect our 2nd Amendment freedoms; if you own a gun, you should be an NRA member, period. - The "other" 2nd Amendment group; this is to the NRA what the Libertarian party is to the Republican party, and is the group that people join who don't think the NRA goes far enough. - The Second Amendment Foundation; a group devoted to promoting a better understanding of guns and the 2nd Amendment. - An EXCELLENT site that provides arguments in favor of civilian gun ownership and concealed handgun carry based on logic, and debunks commonly heard arguments against the two (most of which are emotionally driven).

Gun and Accessory Vendors - The best place on the internet to get guns and ammunition. I love these guys! - Great source of FAL and some AK parts. - Another FAL part source, also has a decent amount of AK stuff, among other things.