Springfield Armory XD


Caliber: .40 S&W
Action: Single action; semi-automatic, breech locked
Barrel Length: 3"
Magazine: 9+1
Overall Length: 6.25"

The XD started its life as the HS-2000, a Croatian manufactured pistol. Springfield Armory began importing it and rebranded it the XD. XD stands for, as you've probably guessed, Xtreme Duty. Yes, it's so extreme, it doesn't even need the first "e" in the word.

Actually, the XD is a very accurate and dependable handgun, with ergonomics unmatched by anything else in the polymer handgun market. It has a unique trigger system that seems to mimic a combination of a two stage military trigger and a long double action pull, resulting in something not entirely unlike the two, and very pleasant.

I purchased the XD as a concealed carry handgun. It is quite concealable and light enough that after a while, I forget that I'm carrying it.

The only modifications I've made to the gun is the addition of Pearce Grip Extensions to the magazines and the Crayola Custom white rollstamp inlays.